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There are big difference between essays students write in their elementary levels of education and those they do at the college levels in a number of ways. Unlike essays written at the elementary, a good college essay demands that the writer must use an advanced language, technical grammar and ensure at any given point that the essay is free from typological mistakes and wrong format. In as much as many students would wish to do an excellent college essay, the art of doing it never comes easy.
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Research paper topic in geography

Geography is the branch of physical science that studies land, natural features and other spatial phenomena that take place on the Earth’s surface. The natural and human phenomena in geography are many and extremely diverse in nature. For instance, the human phenomena study the distribution of populations and vegetation over a given area of study whereas area studies involve places and regions as well as the relationship between man and land and other physical environment over the Earth’s surface. All these are potential topics from where a researcher could select his/her area of interest.
In the practical terms, geography is divided into two fields of study namely physical and human geography. If the researcher chooses to select the research paper topic in the physical branch of geography, s/he will concentrate on the built environments and the impacts of man on the environment around him. In finer details, the researcher will embark on how man can influence the use of space for better environmental, economic or social return.
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It deals with the urban and rural planning with special emphasis to the use of limited natural resources for the greater economic returns.
On the other hand, the researcher can also resolve to study the human geography. This is one branch of geography that studies the natural environment and the impact of human activities on them. Examples of natural environment include landforms, water, soil, climate and their interactions with the living organisms. With the coming of many environmental protection and conservation treaties in the wake of escalating environmental degradation and pollution, most of the latest research paper topics in geography is derived from the human geography.

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Ethic Problem

During the Second World War the American propaganda was mainly used to increase the support for the war and total commitment to an allied victory. Propaganda was viewed as a tool of totalitarian dictatorships by the Americans.
Main body
The Dixie Mission appears to have had an impact US production of anti-Japan propaganda. (Kushner 151) the officers in the American side were working on psychological warfare campaign with the aim of cooperation with the Japanese POWs. Many members of the Dixie mission were impressed by the leaflets produced in the US for the POWs to analyze. The Japanese POWs felt that the US leaflets had missed the major point, they therefore urged the Americans to stress that the US military had only to remove the Japanese clique from power but not to colonize it. Japanese POWs criticized Americans for causing inevitable loss to the country. This is because of the insistence that brought about the opposite effect than the desired one.
In addition the attack on Pearl Harbor produced a hatred of Japan in the United States. (Ciment 804) the government did not make a serious effort to include the German and Italian Americans to the war effort and also did not consider that these groups were disloyal to the United States. Both groups were targeted on the basis of race. As a result the Japanese and Japanese American people were robbed their possession and kept in camps for several years. In the first months of 1942, almost 120,000 Japanese descents, almost two-third of the citizens were removed to internment camps, without any charge and trial or even evidence that they were a threat to US.
“The Japanese internment during the second world war, during this time Canada was at war with Germany and Italy. Canada fought for the lifestyle of its citizens. The soldiers in the world war gave their lives for the good of their nations. The major threat Canada faced was from the Japan in the pacific. At that period Japan was the strongest military force the world has ever seen.
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The Japanese government was strongly influenced by military leaders who favored the expansion of Japanese power in the pacific. However, through the Americans propaganda they became weak. The Americans arrested all their soldiers and detained them. Many families were living in the camps after the evacuation in their countries. In addition, the citizens in Japan were robbed all their belongings by the entire US government.”
The military’s indifferences to religious prevailed in the civilian rationing system. However, the Japan cooks did not especially suffer from these indifferences due to their traditional diet not featuring many meals fundamentals that were not rationed. The butter that was commonly used by the Americans which required a coupon was very different from what the Jews used. The Japan women mostly used olive oil, goose fat and other butter substitutes. We can therefore conclude that despite the Americans propaganda, the Japan citizens were very much depended to their sources. Through propaganda Japan lost their strong military men who could aid them in the war.

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